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East Africa Institute of Professional Counseling offers Services based on professionalism, transparency, accountability, integrity, team work and quality. Our institute is accredited to Kenya Counseling & Psychologists Association (KCPA).

The success of East Africa Institute will depend on visionary leadership, research and teamwork. East Africa Institute will endeavour to attract, develop, motivate and empower well skilled personnel and nurture a Consultative working environment. East Africa Institute will adopt and practice ethical standards and best practices to suit the needs of our clients. East Africa Institute will do the best to contribute to the communities and environment among which the institute operates to realize the mission and the vision.

East Africa Institute aims at increasing its trainees enrollment while ensuring quality and credible training is offered. Currently, East Africa Institute is seeking collaboration with an Institution of higher learning (University). Once collaborative training with a University is realized, East Africa Institute will be offering equivalent of University Certificates & Diplomas. This will enable our trainees to proceed for a University degree level upon graduating at our Institute in a smooth transition.

Our scope includes the following;
  • Gender mainstreaming in the work place
  • HIV& AIDS Prevention & management In the workplace
  • Work burnouts & stress management
  • Healthy life style & retirement preparation
  • Psychosocial support in Tana River Delta
  • Supervision & burnout management for paralegal
  • Student's career choice
  • Emergency Workers Supervision and Debriefing.
  • HIV & AIDS prevention & management


A leading Institution in psychological health services for human development.


To provide high quality services, training and Research in Counseling Psychology to our dynamic clients


l am immensely impressed by the professionalism and the quality of education. How you dissect every topic and convey it in terms I can never forget is a breath of fresh air. The access to information (you share an e-library) is honestly a blessing for me literally took up counselling psychology to make me a more informed writer Thank you Jane Ngatia for having an institution that honestly produces the best in the country God bless.
Maureen - EAIPC student

Being in TOT class is the best decision I have ever made. I have been a trainer for over 5 years and I was doing it all wrong. For the last 10 lessons only I feel like an expert already.
Musa - EAIPC Alumni

The TOT course I did at EAPC is what is putting food on my table today
Beatrice Muraguri - EAlPC Alumni

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