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I was a student very long time ago and I am glad that I took counselling because the world is so hurting and lost, someone always in need of someone to hold their hand. That is what I have been doing and continue to do. On the foundations given at EAIPC God has grown me in this field and I added a course on Mental Health which has been of great value and impact especially this season of the pandemic. I have served in the NGO world and currently serving in the church. I bless the Lord for EAIPC.
Mary Watuthu - EAIPC Alumni

l am immensely impressed by the professionalism and the quality of education. How you dissect every topic and convey it in terms I can never forget is a breath of fresh air. The access to information (you share an e-library) is honestly a blessing for me literally took up counselling psychology to make me a more informed writer Thank you Jane Ngatia for having an institution that honestly produces the best in the country God bless.
Maureen - EAIPC student

Being in TOT class is the best decision I have ever made. I have been a trainer for over 5 years and I was doing it all wrong. For the last 10 lessons only I feel like an expert already.
Musa - EAIPC Alumni

The TOT course I did at EAPC is what is putting food on my table today
Beatrice Muraguri - EAlPC Alumni

I Am so proud to be EAIPC alumni EAIPC It has changed and transformed my Ife I decided to initiate a counseling center in Mwanza Tanzania Although, I still working hard to implement it, but I have already started it Am working so hard to introduce it(the services). Thank you my mentor Professor Jane Ngatia. Emmanuel - Tanzania EAIPC alumni
Emmanuel - Tanzania EAIPC alumni

I joined EAIPC in 2012 and took a higher diploma course in counseling psychology The course was an eye opener 1 learnt so much about psychology and life in general It changed my self-view I started seeing the potential I have and even began putting t to practice I also did a TOT course which equipped me with skills to be a good facilitator, be able to attend interviews and also be able to prepare presentations not to mention grooming I was never employed when I joined, and was surviving on short contracts and consultancy work. I could listen to Madam Jane's voice whisper, Trizah, you need to advance your education in psychology, I joined ANU and went through degree program which was a walk over as I had all I needed from EAIPC I became relevant in the job market, I have risen to a better level in NGO where I work with orphans and vulnerable children projects. EAIPC built my capacity and I will forever be grateful.
Triza Ouma - EAIPC alumni
The institute has conducted training and supervision to the following listed organizations among others.

Organization Scope of work
National Oil Corporation Gender mainstreaming in the work place
Ministry of fisheries development HIV& AIDS Prevention & management In the workplace
Ministry of fisheries development HIV& AIDS Prevention & management In the workplace
Kenya Police Work burnouts & stress management
Kenya Power Healthy life style & retirement preparation
Plan International Kenya Psychosocial support in Tana River Delta
CARE International in Kenya Supervision & burnout management for paralegals
World vision Students career choice
Kenya Red Cross Emergency Workers Supervision and Debriefing
Ministry of State for Provincial Administration(office of the president) HIV & AIDS prevention & management
Kekopey Secondary School Teachers & support staff teamwork from a psychological perspective.
Kekopey Secondary School Studentís study focus a psychological well-being.

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