East Africa Institute Of
    Professional Counseling.

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East Africa Institute of Professional Counseling was founded in 2004 as a middle level college. The Institute offers psychological guidance and counseling, social work, community, development, Computer courses, Business studies, Criminal Justice and security studies, Conflict management & peace studies, Disaster management, Training of Trainers (T.O.T), HIV and HTC (VCT) training. The Institute is registered in kenya by the Minstry of Education Science & Technology. The Institute is also an Examination Centre for Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC).

The Services offered at the Institute are designed to cater for the International community. The trainers at the Institute are professionally trained and well versed in specialized areas. All services are conducted with outmost professionalism.

The success of East Africa Institute is grounded on visionary leadership, research and teamwork. East Africa Institute endeavours to attract, develop, motivate and empower well skilled personnel and nurture a consultative working environment.

East Africa Institute adopts and practices ethical standards and best practices to suit the needs of our clients. East Africa Institute aims at increasing its trainees enrollment while ensuring quality and credible training is offered.

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